🌽 Mini Two-Tone Tote Corn Leather – OAT & SAND

$195.00 USD

USDA Certified Corn-based leather




標準雙色手提包的較小版本,手柄稍長,可手提或肩背。可拆卸肩帶可斜挎。4 厘米寬的可拆卸肩帶讓肩部更加舒適。

美國農業部認證的玉米基 | 無殘忍 | 不含 PVC
• 手提包/單肩包/斜挎包
• 按扣開合,帶內袋
• 可拆卸肩帶


• 材質:40% 生物基(玉米聚合物)+ 60% 超細纖維(23% 尼龍 + 37% PU)
• 全襯裡純素絨面革


• 尺寸:24 厘米(寬)x 24 厘米(高)x 9 厘米(深)
• 重量:約。0.37 公斤
• 肩帶長度:39 厘米
• 頂部手柄長度:22 厘米



Spot clean only with soft damp cloth

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Made with CORN
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YUMI® Leather USDA Certified corn based leather

Emits on average 90% less carbon than animal-based leather & 50% less carbon than plastic-based synthetic leather.

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20+ bottles were recycled for each bag

Our vegan microfiber leather and linings are made with recycled plastic bottles. This gives a second life to bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills or the oceans.

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Recycled Canvas

Made by repurposing industrial textile wastes that are otherwise discarded as trash and piles up in landfills.

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Giving back

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