We believe that we have the responsibility to contribute to social causes that align with our brand values.


We donate 10% of our profits to charities dedicated to animal causes.
Every 6-12 months, we will identify a charity and support their efforts through profit donation.
From September 2020, we will be proudly supporting the incredible efforts of Farm Animal Rescue (FAR), a farm animal sanctuary in Queensland, Australia where abused and abandoned animals from the animal agriculture industry are rescued and given a forever home to live a happy life free from confinement, torture, and suffering.


To help create a healthier planet, we plant one tree for every item sold.
This is done through our contribution to One Tree Planted, a 501C3 environmental charity based in the United States with a focus on global reforestation.
We are also actively calculating our total carbon footprint with a goal to become certified climate neural by the end of 2022.