At O.N.E, we do not, and never will, use any materials derived from animals. We believe that luxury does not have to come at the expense of animals and the planet.


Shaping a future of fashion anchored on compassion

Shaping a future of fashion anchored on compassion.

We are a vegan-first, sustainability-focused brand. None of our materials or production processes involve the use of animals.

We also utilize recycled and plant-based, bio-degradable materials where possible to reduce our reliance towards petroleum use and reduce our impact to the environment.

YUMI® Leather | 40% USDA certified bio-based materials (corn)

This innovative vegan leather is derived from re-purposing waste materials from corn produced and processed for industrial uses. The remaining components are made with a microfiber backing consisting of both recycled and virgin polyester and nylon.

Our corn leather emits on average 90% less carbon than animal based leather & 50% less carbon than plastic based synthetic leather.

100% Vegan Leather From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Adhering to the Global Recycled Standard, our recycled microfiber vegan leather is produced from recycled plastic bottles. This reduces our reliance on petroleum as virgin plastics are avoided. Our vegan Leather offers a luxury look and feel of animal-based leather while recycling environmental waste.

Recycled Canvas

Our canvas-based products are made from a 60% recycled cotton compliant with the Global Recycled Standard.

Recycled canvas is made by repurposing industrial textile waste (often from the fast fashion industry) that are otherwise discarded as trash.

Instead of filling up the landfill, these wastes are spun into yarn and produced into fabric to produce our canvas.

100% recycled lining

The linings of our bags are made from RPET, a material made from recycled plastic bottles following the Global Recycled Standard. 500 billion plastic bottles are used every year – meaning there are 66 times more plastic bottles than there are humans on our planet. Less than 30% of bottles are recycled.

Using recycled instead of virgin polyester reduces the use of fossil fuels and helps to increase the demand for recycled plastics and ultimately the recycling rate.