At O.N.E, we do not, and never will, use any materials derived from animals. We believe that luxury does not have to come at the expense of animals and the planet.


Vegan Microfiber Leather - not perfect but much better than animal leather on all fronts
Our vegan leather is made from nylon and a solvent-free polyurethane to fully replicate the texture of calf leather, while being significantly lighter, more abrasion resistant, odor resistant, and water repellent. Being free from solvents and PVC, along with compliance with EU REACH standards, our vegan leather is also safer for the environment and people to work with.
We acknowledge that vegan leathers are not without environmental impacts and we are not perfect. While synthetic fibers do cause damage to the environment (mainly from fossil fuel use for plastics), compared to animal leather, the overall damage is far less.
In 2017, Global Fashion Agenda (a global leadership forum on fashion sustainability anchored around Copenhagen Fashion Summit – the world’s principal event on sustainability in fashion for industry decision-makers) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) embarked on a partnership, along with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (“SAC”), to deliver the Pulse Report, a qualitative and quantitative report of the sustainability performance of the global fashion Industry.
In the report, they measured the cradle-to-gate (from material extraction to the point at which materials are ready to be assembled into a product) environmental impact across chemistry, global warming, water scarcity, etc. – cow leather was found to be most damaging out of all of the fibres, while synthetic leather’s impact is far below.
Quoting directly from the Pulse Report,

“Synthetic leather has only a third of the environmental impact of cow leather.”

Source: Pulse of the Fashion Industry Report. (2017). Global Fashion Agenda & The Boston Consulting Group.


Use of Bio-Based and Recycled Materials and Off-setting Our Carbon Footprint

Recognizing that we are far from being perfect, we continuously strive to become better by exploring into more planet-friendly materials and practices. We use recycled and bio-based materials wherever possible. Currently, our vegan leather is made with over 50% recycled fibers such as nylon and polyester. For products that are canvas-based, we use a cotton-based canvas that is made with 65% recycled cotton that have been upcycled from industrial textile wastes. We also use 100% recyclable materials in our packaging.
In Q4 2022, we launched our trademarked leather YUMI® Leather as part of a collection drop. YUMI® Leather is made from 40% USDA certified bio-based materials derived from corn, which were extracted from industrial corn processing wastes. The remaining components are made with a microfiber backing consisting of both recycled and virgin polyester and nylon.
We will be transitioning all of our products to YUMI Leather in 2023, and will continue to innovate with our partners on planet-friendly materials that go well with our designs and technical needs. It’s an everlasting journey of improvements, and we hope you’d join us along the way.