Hey there it’s Xenia. Since our brand’s pivot to a vegan brand in 2020, we embarked on a journey to make vegan fashion mainstream. Our goal has always been to create beautiful, quality crafted handbags that are reasonably priced, and most importantly, vegan. We envision first time customers who buy from us feeling surprised to know that our products are vegan. We see that as the path to mainstreaming vegan fashion, where customers can’t tell the difference and don’t feel the sense of compromise from opting to use non-animal materials.
Our choice of vegan leather may not be very sustainable in the eyes of some. We understand that we are not fully bio-degradable sustainable, but we do our best and strive to continuously improve. The first vegan leather we have been using is a microfiber leather made with 50% recycled polyester and nylon. In 2022, despite all the hardships of the economic environment, we’ve managed to work with our suppliers and partners to launch our trademarked YUMI® Leather, a USDA certified bio-based leather. YUMI® is made from 40% corn wastes extracted from industrial corn processing such as corn oil. The remainder of the components consist of recycled and virgin polyester and nylon.
While we know we are still not perfect, it is a significant milestone and achievement for us. We’ve been able to utilize bio-based materials that are upcycled from industrial processes, and at the same time, upgrade our quality in terms of texture and feel. When you feel our YUMI® products, you’ll know why I say it’s an upgrade, I promise.
I am so proud that we are still here pushing forward on our goals, despite all the hardships of launching in a pandemic and now being in a global recession. And that is all thanks to YOU, for supporting us on our journey at O.N.E. We are together on an everlasting journey to improve, innovate, and make tomorrow’s world better than it was today, for us, and the animals.
December 06, 2022