Hey folks, it’s Simpson – chief logistics and errand guy of O.N.E.

Well, I’m also the contact point for media and influencers, so I guess blog writing should be one of my duties. We’re happy to announce that from September 2020 onwards, we would be happily supporting the amazing efforts of Farm Animal Rescue (FAR) by donating 10% of our profits to FAR over the next six months.

Phoenix the young rooster just grabbing a free ride on Candi the nice goat lady

As a brief introduction of FAR, they are a farm animal sanctuary based in Queensland, Australia. They rescue animals from the animal agriculture industry and give them a forever home at their sanctuary and also provide support for those that have the capacity to adopt these lovely animals.

Brothers Jeff and Jack rescued from the goat dairy industry when they were dumped as waste products as they couldn't produce milk as males

You might wonder, why FAR? Well, first off, we would only support those animal charities where we are sure of their genuine commitment to help animals. And we have absolutely no doubts for FAR. Why? That’s because I was a stay-in volunteer with them for one month back in 2019!

Me kissing goodbye to my favorite Greta who was rescued on a Queensland roadside shortly after birth

Shortly after I went vegan, I came across FAR and asked if they would take me in as a stay-in volunteer. I can still remember the long, long days of looking after all the animals at FAR. Everyday, two volunteers would start our days from 4:45AM – the first week waking up at this time was absolutely brutal. We’d feed the animals their breakfasts, and then clean their barns. Then we’d take a short break and prepare their lunch. After lunch is served, we’d do health checks to make sure they were not overheated or suffering from some other health issues.

Me saying farewell to my friend Howard during my last day at FAR.

In the afternoon, we’d start preparing their barns for the night by laying down clean straws and ensuring there is enough feed. Finally, we’d end our day at around 7:00PM after feeding their dinners and putting the animals back into their barns.

Just chilling with Jack and Jeff. Goats are just white puppies with horns

I learned so much that month. I can’t imagine how bad it is for those animals in the animal agriculture industry where their barns are never cleaned and they are forced to sleep in their own urine and faeces. Most importantly, I learned how much money was needed to look after these animals.

Afternoon hay feed with Coco trying to get the first bite

From food to bedding to medication, all of these needed huge amounts of money. Without the support of donations, sanctuaries would not be able to sustain themselves and continue to help and rescue animals from the atrocities of the animal agriculture industry. With my stay with FAR, I am 100% sure that they are restless in their commitment towards saving animals and promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Baby Greta is never shy from the camera while baby Starr is very camera shy
So this is why we will be supporting FAR for the next six months! If you can, please also go and support them as well!

Portia playing in muddy water on a hot afternoon


September 09, 2020